Organic granola clusters made with whole grains and legumes for high protein and fiber

Ambrosial Brand Changes

Introducing the First Savory Granola Clusters Made with Whole Grains & Legumes!

Ambrosial organic granola and muesli were blessed with loyal fans all these years. Customers appreciated the delicious flavors and the powerful nutrition inspired by the principles of the Mediterranean diet, well documented for its health benefits. We were honored with several awards recognizing the uncompromising quality we offer and the integrity of the brand.

Listening to our customers though, made us wiser and more responsive to their needs and helped us identify areas for improvement. A major part of our effort during the last year focused on refining our brand message by confirming who we are, defining where we want to go and clarifying what is our social responsibility. We believe that our progress is reflected in the new products and packaging and new website.

We are thrilled to innovate the granola category once again, by launching the FIRST savory legume-based gluten-free granola clusters. Basil Honey Almond and Rosemary Pecan are unexpected flavors, combining whole grains with Mediterranean diet staples such as crisp dry peas, lentils, chickpeas and ancient grains. The result is delicious, mildly sweet granola clusters delivering impressive amounts of plant protein and prebiotic fiber.

We also introduced the Apple Walnut Organic Granola, an improved version of the original Venetian Vineyard Organic Granola. The new variety is gluten-free and loaded with fiber, protein and whole grains. Goji Berry Pumpkin Organic Muesli is the continuation of the old favorite Athenian Harvest Organic Muesli. It’s pure and delicious, without any sweeteners and packed with whole grains, fruits and seeds. Just clean nourishing ingredients.

We hope you are as excited as we are about the positive changes and energy we are bringing to the market! We hope you’ll have a look around. We will be grateful if you take the time to let us know what you think by emailing us to info@amprosialharvest.com or by dropping us a comment below. At the same time, we invite you to interact with us at various social media sites. We are now on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Thanks again for visiting and have an Ambrosial day!


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