Brooklyn Food Crafts

Ambrosial is the first organic granola from Brooklyn. We aim bridging food cultures.

Ambrosial has been tracing back the flavors and tastes of Greece and the Mediterranean in the heart of Brooklyn ever since… We are guided by the same sense of passion for delicious and nutritious food that created the first home-recipe. Our granola and muesli are made with the highest-quality, best-tasting organic, natural and gluten-free ingredients that both are delicious and sustainable for the environment.

We will continue crafting award winning products always inspired by the traditional wisdom and keep informed by contemporary food studies on health and nutrition. This is the Ambrosial way to be relevant and serve the needs of the modern consumer. Mediterranean food consumption is on the rise: Whole grains, legumes, olive oil, vegetables, fruits and nuts are part of the American diet now. These are all ingredients that promote well being and longevity and Ambrosial’s ingredients of choice.

We are committed to creating food that nourishes the body, warms up the soul, and enhances our sense of community. With our business practices we want to be worthy stewards of land, water and natural recourses of our planet.

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