Our Story

Chief Granola OfficerGrowing up in a small town in the midst of apple and peach groves, not far from Mount Olympus, in Greece, I learned early on the virtues of simple, good food and the labor of love of those producing it in harmony with Mother Earth’s seasonal rhythms.

Eating healthy, all natural whole foods was never a trend, but a tradition in our family and the only way to feed our children later on when I became a mother.

A healthy breakfast granola cereal packed with vitamins and minerals and loaded with fiber and plant-based protein was ideal… The first granola home-recipe was born in the heart of Brooklyn, our new home. Organic whole grains, nuts, seeds and fruits, kissed with a touch of pure honey and blessed with the goodness of olive oil were the wholesome ingredients I knew and trusted. Family and friends loved the “ambrosial” aromas, the rich flavors the delicious crunchiness…

Today, the same love and care goes into our granola and muesli recipes. Crafted by hand in small batches and baked in low temperatures to preserve the wholesome nutrition, Ambrosial remains true to its Mediterranean roots.

Our appreciation of food though, goes beyond its nourishing power. We believe that good food is about family and community; it is about our values, showing who we are and how we want to shape our future as individuals and as members of the global community. It is a source of health and happiness connecting us all to the earth and one another.

Instead of “refueling”, we remind ourselves to pause, to taste and smell and enjoy the bounty of nature and its wholesome offerings.
“Ambrosia” after all, was the food of the ancient gods in Greek mythology conferring immortality…



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