Mediterranean Living

Basket of picnic in vines

Mediterranean Diet Celebrated by Modern Foodies

Centuries-old healthy eating Mediterranean lifestyle is a life-long recipe for longevity and good health* and a tribute to simple, wholesome and minimally processed foods skillfully and lovingly prepared.
Premium ingredients include olive oil, and an abundance of whole grains, legumes, fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh cheese, and wine in moderation.

The “Mediterranean way” takes its power to improve health, quality of life and boost longevity not only from delicious and nutritious foods, but also from the way long meals are cherished with friends and family and enjoyable daily physical activities.

Mediterranean diet is not a trend but the most widely researched diet over the years, with scientific studies documenting it as one of the healthiest in the world*

*For review of health benefits documenting studies go to Mediterranean Foods Alliance of the Oldways program: http://oldwayspt.org/health-studies

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